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Lexington High School

Class of 1967

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Teacher requested listing:
Hays, P. Webster - Government


Agnor, R. R., III
Alexander, R. A. (deceased)
Arehart, M.
Ax, K.
Ayers, C. L. (deceased)
Bare, N. A.
Barns, A. S.
Bell, J. M. (deceased)
Borgus, D.
Brothers, R.M.
Broughman, J. E., Jr.
Brown, D. M. (deceased)
Brown, M. H.
Brown, N.
Brown, R. A. (deceased)
Brownley, R. H., Jr.
Bryant, M. L.
Burks, N.
Camden, L. J.
Chappell, G. F. (deceased)
Claytor, R.
Clemmer, J. B.
Cochrane, M. H.
Coulter, R.
Craft, R. P. (deceased)
Davis, F. N. (deceased)
Davis, S. T.
Dean, K. (deceased)
Delaney, C. H. (deceased)
Dillard, C. (deceased)
Donald, J.
Ellington, Z.
Entsminger, J. K. (deceased)
Entsminger, C. B. (deceased)
Ewing, M. J.
Feddeman, F. C., Jr. (deceased)
Ford, C. E.
Forren, F.
Garnett, D. E.
Garrett, B.
Gentry, L.
Grumbles, M. D.
Hall, A.
Hall, R. W. (deceased)
Harris, T. H.
Harrison, C.
Harrison, W. J.
Henderson, F. M.
Henderson, S.
Hickman, L. A.
Higgins, N.
Hill, J. D.
Holmes, H. B.
Hostetter, R. W.
Huffman, R. P. (deceased)
Huffman, R. P.
Huger, A. T.
Hunter, A.
Hunter, C.
Hunter, D. E.
Ingram, L. (deceased)
Irvine, P. L.
Irvine, P. S.
Jackson, M. G.
Jarvis, S. K.
Johnston, C. A. (deceased)
Knick, D. W. (deceased)
Leary, M. B. (deceased)
Levitch, L. M.
Lilley, E.
Lindsay, J. P.
Littlepage, J. L.
Lynch, M.A., Jr.
Mackey, F. E.
Martin, C.
Martin, T.
Mason, J. P., Jr.
Mays, B. C.
McLellan, M.
McKenna, M. C.
Miller, C. W.
Miller, D. M.
Miller, P.
Montgomery, E. D.
Montgomery, J. O.
Moore, G. H. (deceased)
Moore, L. W. (deceased)
Moore, T. W.
Moore, W.
Morgan, R.
Morris, K. L.
Muterspaw, T. A. (deceased)
Newman, C. D.
Nicely, G.
Nowlin, L. W.
Painter, M. E.
Pennick, W. M.
Pharr, J. G.
Pickett, J. M.
Pickral, R. M.
Pickral, T. M.
Poindexter, C. L. (deceased)
Poindexter, K.
Potter, C. A., Jr.
Potter, K.
Potter, L. A.
Potter, S. (deceased)
Reynolds, A. L.
Reynolds, C.
Richards, J. P.
Ritz, J. S.
Ruley, D. (deceased)
Ruley, S. R. (deceased)
Ruley, C. D.
Sloan, T. M., Jr. (deceased)
Slusser, C.
Smith, L. W.
Snider, S. G. (deceased)
Snyder, J.
Snyder, B. J.
Sorrells, H. A.
Sorrells, W. (deceased)
Straub, F. L. (deceased)
Stubbs, H. (deceased)
Swisher, M. J.
Tardy, D. J. (deceased)
Taylor, J. C.
Thomas, J.
Tolley, M. R.
Turner, T. T.
Tyree, R. J., II
Vest, O. M., Jr.
Walker, F. (deceased)
Wallace, M. A.
Ware, C. G.
Weade, G. A. (deceased)
Webster, P.
Williams, T. A.
Williams, T. W., Jr.
Wise, K. A. (deceased)
Wise, S.
Womeldorf, S.
Wright, L.
Zollman, C.
Zollman, J. A. (deceased)
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