On Memorial Day - please let us remember the reason for the day!

           Memorial Day has been ignored by too many of us who are beneficiaries of those who have sacrificed their
           lives for our freedom and liberty. Often we do not observe the day as it should be, a day where we actively
           remember those Americans including our ancestors, family members, loved ones, neighbors and friends
           who have paid the price for the blessings of liberty.

           Memorial Day and Veterans Day honor the sacrifices of innumerable individuals who sacrificed themselves
           to preserve the freedoms all Americans enjoy, with Memorial Day remembering those who gave their lives,
           and Veterans Day honoring all who served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

         Remember the Reason!      Remember the Reason!          Remember the Reason!      Remember the Reason!      Remember the Reason!
           Veterans - New law changes permit veterans to use military salute at the hoisting, lowering or passing
           of the flag and the playing of National Anthem. Click Here!

           Vietnam War casualties by state HERE
           Want to know more about Memorial Day?                        Click the bugle to play taps and remember those who sacrificed their all.     Play Taps!

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Kurt Riegel (class of 1957) has submitted a number of photos of the July 19, 2019 Reunion. The Reunion included a number of classes several years on either side of 1959. Kurt has gaciously granted permission to post a link to his photos for all to enjoy, thanks Kurt. Click Here to see his photos!

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In Memory: M. F. Cummings - She was a huge supporter of LHS all her life. Thanks M. F. for all you have done.

I have been very remiss in not acknowledging Tim Hickman '62, for the greatly appreciated photos. Thanks Tim.

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As of May 22, 2020

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Most Recent Classmates:

#781 1972 J. Tabbut
1976 L. A. Bowley updated info
#780 1988 L. A. Loudermilk
1973 M. S. Higgins updated info
1970 C. W. Pierce updated info
1973 K. R. Hughes, Jr. updated info
1977 M. Craft updated info
#779 1969 F. Y. Swisher
1972 G. Swink updated info
#778 1989 G. M. Dillon
#777 1978 B. W. Staton
1960 M. A. Griffith updated info
1975 G. Pollard updated info
1973 N. J. Robinson updated info
#776 1967 R. J. Tyree
#775 1973 J. M. McDonough
#774 1973 D. A. Grist
#773 1973 A. B. Davis
#772 1968 G. Berry
#771 1973 J. Coleman
#770 1970 D. L. Farrow
#769 1970 B. F. Potter
#768 1989 R. Rhodenizer
1970 B. L. Martin updated info
#767 1970 T. R. Wilhelm
#766 1970 M. E. Higgins
#765 1968 D. Harrison
#764 1967 A. Reynolds
#763 1967 C. Harrison
#762 1967 J. Hill
#761 1967 P. Miller
#760 1983 S. N. Glenn
#759 1967 L. Gentry
#758 1973 T. Davis
1992 A. Davis updated info
1967 M. D. Grumbles updated info
#757 1967 J. Donald
#756 1967 Z. Ellington
#755 1988 S. M. Bryant
#754 1972 A. C. Taylor, III
#753 1977 N. I. Moore
#752 1977 D. K. Nicely
#751 1967 H. B. Holmes
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